Yew Trees #108


Yew Trees #108 description:

“Her name is Ardrea. I was drawn to her because I felt she needed to be honored and appreciated for her ‘churchyard’ role as a guardian. She is the sentinel. She protects the church from negative influences. She is so strong, powerful and steadfast as she quietly oversees the churchyard. I worked on capturing her extraordinary, dynamic yet subtle beauty over a three year period, investing over 650 hours in ‘plein air’ drawing time.” — Greg Thatcher

November 2010
Price for original upon request

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5" x 5" Giclee print – $7, 8.125" x 8.625" Giclee print – $41, 25" x 24.5" Limited edition Giclee print – $205, 37.75" x 36.75" Hand colored Giclee print – $4850

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