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As you explore this Media page, you will have a glimpse into the evolution of Greg’s artistic journey and experience the impact of his artistry. Witness the power of Greg’s work as it inspires the viewer to contemplate and experience the timeless beauty of nature. From gallery exhibitions to international art events and collaborations, his yew tree series has resonated with audiences far and wide. Experience his interviews where he shares his creative process and artistic inspirations, and more.

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The Tree Book: The Stories, Science, and History of Trees

The secret world of trees is revealed in this beautiful and absorbing guide to the giants of the plant world.

Trees occur naturally throughout the world and have been a part of human history almost as long as humans have existed. Used for shelter, tools, fuel, and food, they also help supply the atmosphere with oxygen and form astonishingly diverse ecosystems, as well as some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes. Now the intricate world of leafy woodlands and abundant rainforests is revealed in this extensive visual guide to trees, exploring their key scientific traits and their ecological importance, as well as their enduring significance in human history and culture. From ancient oaks and great redwoods to lush banyans and imposing kapoks, The Tree Book reveals the anatomy, behaviors, and beauty of these incredible plants and habitats in detail.

Combining natural history and a scientific overview with a wider look at the history, uses, symbolism, and mythology of trees, this ebook is a new kind of guide to these fascinating organisms.

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Featured on Talk of Iowa Radio Show



Talk of Iowa host Charity Nebbe is joins Greg Thatcher, who has been making art inspired by yew trees for more than 30 years. Thatcher talks about his “Sacred Yew” exhibit at the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden and his multi-decade relationship with a single grove of yew trees in a small English town.

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Greg Thatcher on ICON Contemporary Realism Exhibition 2022

In this video, Greg Thatcher gives a more in-depth understanding of the work in the Contemporary Realism Exhibition at ICON Gallery in Fairfield, IA.

Greg Thatcher – Yew Trees Series

Greg Thatcher – Painswick Yews

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