From collectors:

“My name is Dennis. I am a gardener by trade. I work part time for the Des Moines Botanical Garden. While viewing the Greg Thatcher Sacred Yew exhibition, my experience was that his drawings seemed to be talking directly to me. This has never happened before. It was very profound and overwhelming. I was filled with love and appreciation for nature. Due to this experience I now have a greater appreciation for plants and trees. I see them in a different, more personal way. I experience them as family now, not separate from me but part of my being.”

Dennis Zaabel

“Take a good look at Greg’s pencil drawings. Up close and from a distance. Up close reveals exquisite detail. From a distance, you’ll see that the tonal relationships are perfect – the detail reads just as well, large-scale. Nature’s like that – large-scale grandeur that reveals its microscopic forms and functions only to a practised eye. The enlightened see both at a glance, and this is enlightened art.”

John Windsor; retired art market correspondent with The Independent, British national daily newspaper.

“We have 4 gems of artwork from Greg in our living room on the ‘Thatcher corner.’ The exquisite detail, the soothing use of color and the deceptive simplicity is a wonderful counterpoint to our other impressionistic art. One of our favorites is a “simple” shimmery tree that exudes a beautiful enchanting glow from the lamplight we placed right under the piece. We love our Thatcher collection and highly recommend Greg’s work to anyone who wants some classy, first-rate art for a very affordable price.”

Willy Koppel and Margaret Dwyer

“The perfection that grows as Greg Thatcher works and creates his yew tree series is something that is revered by most older civilizations of the world. To see this process practiced with such love, discipline and devotion over time makes one realize that we have a true gift from him in his work.”

Natalie Pfeifer; Art Consultant, Hawaii

“Greg Thatcher is an artist of extraordinary talent. Even more meaningful to me, his work reflects original vision. This is a caliber of artistry rare in the world. Greg has all the moves and nuances of a fine artist. But the magic of this artist lives in his wonderful ability to see the world through a fresh and expanded lens. These works do not grow tiring like some art, but rather retain their freshness and ability to charm, like nature itself.”

Paul Schaefer

“Greg Thatcher’s work is visual poetry. His integrated and balanced rhythm encourages us to explore beyond the surface of the work and ultimately into the depths of our own consciousness.”

Alex Green

“Greg Thatcher’s art transcends the art world of 2012 in America. It has universal magic qualities. He is one of a kind. I don’t know anyone else that draws in his style, with a pencil, yet what he produces is magical. The yew tree series shows impeccable craftsmanship and design, but what is truly moving about them is the feeling that ancient Druids are speaking to me.”

Bill Teeple; Director, ICON Gallery, Iowa

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