Excerpts taken from articles written about my work:

Diana Q. Rugh, Art Critic

“Greg Thatcher’s yew tree drawings have evolved as a series over the past seven years to become distinctive, mature renderings of a complex natural form. His dense trees of the early series have loosened to show us a more articulated view, where individual branches and trunks retain unique patterns and shapes, combining in a strong and fascinating textural aggregate.

Monochromatic pieces, deeply textured with hard pencils, are handled with a balanced eye. The dimpled graphite surfaces reflect a silver light illuminating the dense branched forms from within. Light, texture and shape combine so that one can almost feel the brittle branches.”

Henry Brighouse, England

“Perhaps the yews have a special message for all of us, outliving a human life-span from distant past to distant future as they do, and perhaps Greg’s fine drawings in minutely graded shades from black to white also remind us that through all of life’s changes breathes eternity.”

Holliday T. Day, Curator of Contemporary Art, Indianapolis Museum of Art

“Greg Thatcher’s yew trees gave forth a haunted air belying rationality and indicating a supernatural side to human existence.”

Deborah Leveton, Associate Curator, Des Moines Art Center

“Yew Trees #4, 1991, by Greg Thatcher, received Special Recognition in Works on Paper. This drawing, and its companion in the exhibition, were inspired by a historic grove of centuries-old yew trees in England to which yeomen traveled to select branches to be made into bows.”

Keith Achepohl, University of Iowa

“[Thatcher’s] art for me possesses some sense of revelation, even mystery, and tell me something I did not know before I came upon the object.” — from the Blandon Museum of Art catalogue

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