Yew Trees #118


Yew Trees #118 description:

“This drawing was done over a four year period during the summers. The viewpoint of the drawing is completely different than any other drawing I have ever done. I am sitting under a yew tree looking out towards the two trees in the background. Because of this unique viewpoint, the drawing is seemingly more abstract, however it is exactly what I saw in proper proportion. It was a real challenge to incorporate the large boughs under the tree where I was sitting into the composition along with the softness of the foliage in the background trees. This larger print has an additional 60 hours of hand-coloring to clarify all the relationships following the enlargement process.” — Greg Thatcher

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5" x 5" Giclee print/card – $7, 8" x 10" Giclee print – $41, 24" x 29" Limited edition Giclee print – $205, 43" x 53" Hand colored, colored Giclee print – $5800

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