Yew Trees #76


Yew Trees #76 description:

“The viewpoint in this drawing is what inspired me to begin the yew tree series in 1991. I was fascinated by how the avenues of trees pulled my attention into the deep space of the background. As this happened, I felt my awareness expand as it does in my practice of Transcendental Meditation. I thought if I were able to capture this feeling in my work it could serve as a means to inspire this feeling in the viewer.” Greg Thatcher

Pencil on paper original
17″ x 22.5″
Price for original upon request

Giclee prints

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5" x 5" Giclee print/card – $7, 8" x 10" Giclee print – $41, 24" x 29" Limited edition Giclee print – $205, 43" x 53" Hand colored Giclee print – $5800

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